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Our group sessions are based on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) principles. Each class lasts 45 to 60 minutes, is instructor led and each is unique. No two classes are the same. You will work your core, legs, arms, shoulders, back and everything in-between! Routines are fast-paced and produce results more effectively than other forms of exercise. The following are just some of the benefits of HIIT training:

1. HIIT burns a lot of calories in a short amount of time. One study compared the calories burned during 30 minutes each of HIIT, weight training, running and biking. The researchers found that HIIT burned 25–30% more calories than the other forms of exercise.

2. Your metabolic rate is higher for hours after exercise. One of the ways HIIT helps you burn calories comes after you are done exercising. Several studies have demonstrated HIIT’s impressive ability to increase your metabolic rate for hours after.

3. It will help you lose fat. One review looked at 13 experiments and 424 overweight and obese adults. The study found that people performing HIIT three times per week for 20 minutes per session lost 4.4 pounds of body fat in 12 weeks.

4. You will gain muscle using HIIT.

5. HIIT can improve oxygen consumption. Oxygen consumption refers to your muscles’ ability to use oxygen, and endurance training is typically used to improve your oxygen consumption. Traditionally, this consists of long sessions of continuous running or cycling at a steady rate. However, studies show that HIIT can produce the same benefits in a shorter amount of time.

6. HIIT can reduce heart rate and blood pressure. A study found that eight weeks of HIIT decreased blood pressure as much as traditional continuous endurance training in adults with high blood pressure.

7. Blood Sugar Can Be Reduced by HIIT. A summary of 50 different studies found that not only does HIIT reduce blood sugar, but it also improves insulin resistance more than traditional continuous exercise.

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